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The Stormpikes have set up residence in the valley to search for natural resources and ancient relics. Despite their intentions, the Dwarven presence has sparked heated conflict with the Frostwolf Orcs to the south, who have vowed to drive the interlopers.

WoW Alterac Valley BETA4
WoW Alterac Valley BETA 6: Canceled

Beta 6 Patch Notes

  • SM Cath Mobs Fully Spawned
  • Loot table finished for Black Temple
  • Utgarde Keep: Completely Terrained
  • Utgarde Keep: Instance Fully Spawned
  • New Spells/Remakes to make them seem more WoW-like
  • All Classes will now have the same Number of spells
  • Wintergrasp is going to be left alone this patch
  • Repeatedly Spawning units now have a Splash damage effect, to stop large groups from forming and reducing lag by alot.
  • Items will now actually all have descriptions, the Map Protector fucked up on this, very sorry, they are there already but the protector removes them.
  • Working on filling vendors and making much more diversity between types of items
Beta 5 Patch Notes

Wintergrasp has major changes, A Fully Redesign of the "Turn Into Tank" Trigger even though its not visible, Walls Resized and refitted, Small Terrain Changes, Wintergrasp Hold is Weaker, Tanks are a bit Stronger.

Alot of Trigger Tweeks.


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