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World Zombie Wars Reborn

World Zombie Wars Reborn v1.5.2
  • Project Staff: Deathoc


By the year 2500, The human survivors in the Americans successfully repelled the zombie hordes that invaded from Asia. Other parts of the world had managed to survive the onslaught. But by 2800, a second zombie plague was in the making. Will the humans prevail again?

World Zombie Wars Reborn v1.5
World Zombie Wars Reborn: Downloads
World Zombie Wars Reborn: Final Patch Notes
  • 1.5.2 Big Bug Fix/Small Change Patch
  • New -Cades Mode Added, Red says -Cades within the first 30 Seconds of the game, keeping the new Starting Barricades up, if he dosent they will be destroyed after 30 Seconds.
  • Prowler now has the spell Yomato Cannon
  • Flying research costs more
  • Shielding System now requires It's Upgrade..
  • Phoenix Fighter can now acquire a weak shield
Intended Patches

1.5.3 Balance Patch - Canceled
  • Zombies Now Start in Separate Cave Systems, much like WWZ, here they break out from the human blockades and grow in numbers before assaulting the surface of earth.
  • Yomato Cannon Renamed to Charged Laser Cannon
  • Adding Shielding System to Final Barricade
  • All Human Vehicles and Robots can no longer be healed by Medics
  • Field Engineers Added
  • Many, MANY Icons have been Replaced, Removed, Changed
  • Black Market Idea Under Thought
  • The room for Space is finally open, although it wont be much room, but enough to add the Orbit of earth

Lore Changes: Description... (1.5.3)In the year 2028 a new Medical Golden Age had begun, the cure for over half of cancers had been finalized, viruses like aids and diabetes where completely wiped from the face of the planet, but one of the medical cures went..Horribly wrong, it began to mutate and reactivate dead cells, returning the dead to life... by the year 2032 the humans launched a full nuclear war on the infection, both wiping out the majority of the infection, and the uninfected, the year is now 2033, the last of the infection has been located in the caverns of the facility it was created in, and its spreading faster than before.



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