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LoaP Power Ultimate

Life of a Peasant Power Ultimate 50K

Project Staff: Deathoc, Ikillforeyou, GoldenChimera

Version 50K Released: 7/8/14

This LoaP was created as a Hybrid form of LoaP, it contains many of the old LoaP Jobs, rebalanced and put in with many New Jobs, You can Build a gang from any one of the Three malls. Get troops, make allies, enemy's...what ever you want! But most of all have fun. Remember when roleplaying cops don't usually do drugs, etc. There is a trade center, and gambling, also a richman's club! for those who have money to spend, they aren't as good as arena items and boss items.

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LoaP Power Ultimate 50K: Released 7/8/2014

  1. <New Feature!> Taxes are now percentage based and set at 10%, you are taxed every 12 minutes, President and Governor will still get the same amount of income off this system, and will still be taxed.
  2. <New Feature!> When using the -name feature it will now add your name behind your new name in parenthesis.
  3. Mother Nature fight mechanics redone.
  4. Cave entrances have been converted to normal entrances instead of teleporters.
  5. Tree of Elements moved to a more lore-centric location.
  6. <Major Change!> Guns buyable from the mall are all now Spell-Casting Items instead of "Statsticks".
  7. Ammo Clips added to the game, they will refill the Ammo of any guns you have when used.
  8. Ammo Clips can be stacked up to 20 with the new stacking system.
  9. Villagers will now only respond to your clicks if your main hero is near them.
  10. Town Owned Police will now respond to your clicks when you are in range.
  11. Cruise Ships Health and Armor Increased.
  12. The Central Park has had some excess trees removed.
  13. The Postoffice has been moved and a new Mayoral Park area has been constructed.
  14. The House acrost the street from the Firehouse has been converted into the cities new Postoffice.
  15. <New Content!> New Cartel Job Upgrade allowing the druggy to start producing and selling much more potent products.
  16. <New Content!> New Event Boss added, he should be killable by lower-level heros.
  17. Each Random Event now has a unique sound opener.

LoaP Power Ultimate 50J: Released 11/13/13

  • <MAJOR BUGFIX> Saved Games will no longer instantly corrupt themselfs.
  • Optimizations and some Improved Organization in the main game triggers.
  • Removal of Several Unused Variables
  • The Second Firetruck will now start the game invunrible.
  • New Super Expensive Super Effective Drug added to Druggy Job's Warehouses.
  • Slight Buffs to the Cruise Ships Health and Armor.
  • The Krakens Health and Armor Slightly Reduced.
  • Female Club Members added to Richmans Club
  • Citizens at the Beach and Club will now respond to your clicks.
  • New Partially Scripted Ultimate Secret Hero has been added, he will be insanely difficult to get.
  • Other Small Changes and Improvements.


LoaP Power Ultimate 50i: Released! 10/21/13
  • <Major Fix> The game is now Less-Optimized to help resolve several issues people are having most likely caused by the Optimizer.
  • <New Content> New Event Added, The Kraken has Emerged!
  • Ezco's Expirmental Power Plant has been shrunk and a new Road has been added between the Blacksmith Item Combiners and the Spellshop.
  • A New Road to the Carnival Island has been constructed.
  • The Item that transforms you into the Super Soldier now correctly describes that it Requires the Full Body Exoskeleton (Super Armor Renamed) instead of Power Armor.
  • Added a shop in the scientists, to replace the random area triggers for item fusions and hero transformations.
  • The Beach has become a much more attractive destination.
LoaP Power Ultimate 50H: Released! 8/3/13
  • <Major Change> God Mode and RP mode have been removed from the game!
  • <New Feature!> The President can now be Impeached when all but one player (min 3ingame) vote him out at multiple voting stations around the city.
  • <New Content> New Boss, "Secret" Hero Added.
  • The southeast warehouse crate now successfully is given to players who take the job.
  • Champions Armor (PvE Arena) now successfully increases health and armor, and now Both Cloaks have a Visual Attachment.
  • Auto-Income is now Slower, every 8 seconds, Increased from every 3 seconds, all Auto-Incomes reajusted.
  • North Central Vehicle Dealer has been removed, the area has now flooded and the sea has connected to the sewage system.
  • The PvP Arena is now where Teals god base used to be, the old pvp arena is now a forested road that connects both sides of the city together like never before.
  • Two new houses added where red's god base used to be.
  • Mailboxes added to the two new houses and the one existing house on the southeast part of the map.
  • Added a third icebox to the Bar Job.
  • All Random Event boss pings are now purple, to further signify what they are.
  • Blacksmith can now create Razer Sharp Blade which can be used to turn a Ninja Sword into a Samuri Sword.
  • Taxis have a new Model
  • A New Car added to the game, corvettes are now faster, and more expensive
  • All Non-Combat Vehicles now have more accurate descriptions of their features.
  • Hero's no-longer cost gold and players once again start with 3000g a piece.
  • Major new Ezco Job Features, new Bionic Hero Upgrades, Ezco Guns completely remade, a new unit and new upgrades, there is also a New Taxi near Ezco.
  • Police Can now open a Small North Police Station, allowing them to build the basic police unit in the north aswell as their main base.
  • When a player repicks it will now remove newspapers instead of dropping them.
  • Sniper Units Rebalanced, new missile added.
  • Item-Bail added to Police Jail system, old Bail Doubled in Price, Double as many possible Exit Locations.
  • Other Small Changes, Fixes and Additions


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