Warcraft 3 Custom Mapping

Life of a Peasant Ascension

Project Admin: Daethz

Assistants: Ikillforeyou, GoldenChimera

This LoaP was created as a Hybrid form of LoaP, it contains many of the old LoaP Jobs, rebalanced and put in with many New Jobs, You can Build a gang from any one of the Three malls. Get troops, make allies, enemy's...what ever you want! But most of all have fun. Remember when roleplaying cops don't usually do drugs, etc. There is a trade center, and gambling, also a richman's club! for those who have money to spend, they aren't as good as arena items and boss items.

The Hive Workshop


Recent Patch Notes

Ascension v6.3 Patch Notes

  1. Camera Refreshing now picks each player, checks if they are playing and sets their camera height individually, instead of selecting all players as a group each time, this is another attempt to fix the multiplayer selection bug.
  2. "-cam stop" and "-cam start" commands removed from the game.
  3. Failed Experiment random boss spawn has had its attack fixed.
  4. Control Points now provide an armor buff to all friendly units nearby.
  5. Dropoffs and Pickup locations now use a new model.
  6. A Small Secretive tribe has set up camp near the airport.
  7. If the Doctor fails and a Patient isn't saved by the Ambulance, the Morgue will get notified to pick up the body at the Hospital, if he retrieves and cremates the body he can receive a much larger amount of gold than normal for their effort.
  8. Crypt keeper ghost spawns slowed down, but prize increased slightly.
  9. Crypt keeper can now pick up Urns from the Morgue every time he incinerates a corpse and place them in the Crypt for additional Income.
  10. Players now have constant visibility of the car shops, to counter the severe loss of visibility from recent patches.
  11. "-name" command now by default adds your player number to the beginning of your name.
  12. "-namenumbers" command added for Player 1 (Red), this will turn on or off numbers being placed in front of peoples names with the "-name" command
  13. The Games optimizer and protector has had certain options removed, to hopefully help fix rare issues.
Ascension v6.3.1 Patch Notes
  1. Prison Car Buffed Slightly & Slight buff and range upgrade to police sharpshooters, prison cars now benefit from universal unit upgrades from the vendors.
  2. New Expensive Upgrade added for Police Prison vehicles to greatly improve their effectiveness.
  3. Movement speed upgrade added to the Unit Upgrades vendor
  4. Unit Upgrades vendor has a new model and has been added to all 3 malls and can still be found in richmans club, purchasing a upgrade now prompts a notification of what level you are at, the vendor cooldown of these upgrades have been greatly reduced and the costs also reduced.
  5. Several Unlockable "Secret" Hero Spells have had pure damage increases, some of them have had mana cost increases.
  6. Skill Buffs Removed Completely from the Gym Teacher, Expensive Personal Training that increases your heroes level by 1 added instead, this has been done to further increase the value of druggy and burgerhut job items.
  7. Increased the collision sizes and costs of all Drug Harvesting Units in the game, gangster drugfarmers now have a drug material cost, which could provide a form of paywall to start a drug farming operation.
  8. Prison Bail timer increased from 2 minutes to 3 again.
  9. Cleaned up Item Trade system a bit, could potentially fix some items refunding you even if you receive the item correctly, if bug continues the system will need major reworking in a future patch.
  10. New Mechanic added to Police Jails, breakouts now require a hero to stand on the circle for 15 seconds to successfully break open the cell doors, instead of being instant, giving police time to respond, It will also alert the police to the security breach.
Ascension v6.3.2 Patch Notes
  1. Jail Bail timer increased from 3 Minutes to 4 Minutes after your hero enters the cell
  2. Breaking open prison cells now takes 20 seconds, increased from 15, improved the graphical vibe of this area.
  3. Changed control points model to something more unique
  4. Gem Dropoff model changed to the same dropoff model used for several other dropoffs.
  5. Several exploits using mirror imaged heroes patched.
  6. Player color changing "-color" disabled for now, was apparently causing faster desyncs.

LoaP Ascension v6.2.1 - 6.2.5

  1. A Certain bug with heroes inside of vehicles has been resolved.
  2. Many "Wait" functions pruned from the game, this could improve performance.
  3. Most Shops are now owned by Neutral Passive instead of The Town.
  4. Players no longer start the game with vision of all other players.
  5. Tip messages no longer spam the game in the first two minutes, instead players can now access tips via typing in "-tip"
  6. Camera Scrolling is now a little bumpier, but on the bright side, the script that keeps it working right is running 10x less per second.
  7. "-selectionfix" removed as it wasn't effective.
  8. All Boss Spawn and Random Event leaks have been repaired in the code.
  9. Around half of Job Leaks repaired in the code.
  10. Several "Dropoff" points have had their model switched.
  11. Major Memory Leaks from the Auto-Income resolved, long term performance improvements expected.
  12. Major Memory Leaks from the Airport and Docks resolved, long term performance improvements expected.
  13. It should no longer be possible to bug out the PvE Arena, minor PvE Arena Leaks resolved.
  14. Corrupted Mother Natures heart description improved.
  15. Lottery Ticket Randomness randomized further
  16. Lich Boss's script behind the scenes has been repaired, modernized and it's leaks have been duct taped.
  17. A certain tree has migrated further away from a control point in the city near the mafia mansion, and a nearby civilian has decided to become passive once again.
  18. Garbage and Recyclables will cease spawning if the player with that that job leaves the game.
  19. Kick system now gives you 8 minutes to kick a person before resetting, code issue with kicking red and blue repaired.
  20. Kick system can now be used via "-kick player #" (1-24, Town is #12 and can't be kicked)
  21. Instead of a Map-Wide Unit cleanup every 7 Minutes all non-hero units just remove themselves from the game 40 seconds after dying, it is unclear if this will cause any conflicts in the game, if it does please report them, this change should dramatically improve later-game performance.
  22. Granite Golems now respawn less, their leader now has a additional respawn checker to ensure there can't be any duplicate spawns.
  23. Hopefully fixed Governors Research, it should apply to all players when researched.
  24. Two triggers that constantly run every 5 minutes have been combined into one, to hopefully improve game performance slightly.
  25. Samuro does not like to leave his Dojo anymore.
  26. Arena Championship Kickout Fixed
  27. Orb of Fire no longer drops when the hero carrying it dies.
  28. Police Building Improved Slightly, Job Circle Moved, Vehicle Garage Added.
  29. Police Prison Cars now Respawn 4 Minutes after being killed, instead of 2.
  30. Hero’s now break out of Police Prison Cars after 1.5 Minutes (90 Seconds) unless delivered to a jail cell.
  31. Angry Ancients can no longer be mind controlled.
  32. Police, Mafia and Cartel Faction Control points are now controlled instantly when taking the job unless they are already controlled.
  33. Police, Mafia and Cartel no longer retain control of the docks when quitting their jobs.
  34. Faction Control Points now similar spawn point fortifications just like their non-faction counterparts, they must be destroyed before the control point can be captured by another faction.

LoaP Ascension v6.2

  1. Re-balanced all Mana Shields slightly again
  2. Mur'gul the Destroyer Renamed
  3. All Units capable of permanently killing zombies (units with 100% chance) have had their related descriptions improved.
  4. There is now a 10% Chance to Permanently Kill Zombies for any unit, however zombies now "respawn" faster when killed.
  5. Normal Zombies should now be more active, roam further on occasion and be more focused in their attacks, they have also received a minor buff.
  6. Research Time and Cost Increased for the first Zombie Research, research descriptions improved.
  7. Doors removed from the Arena Lobby, side entrance removed to prevent pathing short-cutting.
  8. Thief Job Improved: Southern Thief Stash/Hideout added, Door Controls Added, New Hireable Guard Unit Added to the Job, Visual Changes.
  9. Thief's Thief Unit can now Pickpocket again, a Successful Pickpocket will yeild $75
  10. More instances of my old alias "Deathoc" replaced with the alias I have been using for several years now ... "Daethz"
  11. "Soul Well" Added to Daethz's Park, any time where you previously needed a soul rod in the vicinity it must now be placed in to the soul well instead.
  12. Minor Updates to the Quest Log.
  13. Quite a few spelling corrections throughout the game.
  14. Ambulance now has a longer time frame to pick up the patient, text color glitch fixed, "patient has died" prompt fixed.
  15. Minor visual glitch in the teams before you load the map fixed.
  16. Black Market Units have been re-balanced and their descriptions improved.
  17. Governor and Bank Vault Doors replaced with New, Stronger Vault Doors that have 2.5x more health.
  18. Improved Mafia's Building Layout Slightly.
  19. "Pickpocket Gloves" Removed from Thief Hut, item has been retired, for now.
  20. Item Combinations now only have "1" In stock with a small refresh to prevent spamming.
  21. Docks Faction Control Point added, Police, Mafia and Cartel can gain an additional +6 Auto-Income from capturing this incredibly strategic area, has a structure where the controlling player can train simple security units.
  22. When In Control of the Shipyard the Mafia receives Illegal Weapon Shipments from foreign sources at the docks, these shipments can be secured in the cargo storage area of the Mafia's base granting them 750 Gold, the crate drops on the ground when the unit carrying it dies.
  23. When in Control of the Shipyard the Cartel can deliver a bulk crate of drugs to the shipyard where it will be transported overseas to emerging markets, giving the cartel 2 gold for every 1 drug material, an incredible business opportunity.

Major Item Balance Changes in this Patch Include:
  1. Staff of Creation and Depleted Staff of Creation Damage reduced ~30%, when used ability now permanently increases stats by 30, down from 50.
  2. Siphoned Crystal Energy and Shadow Energy Attack Damage reduced ~30-40%
  3. Soulreaper Damage reduced 20%
  4. Power of the Flames Damage reduced 38%
  5. King Tuts staff Damage reduced 25%, now has "K" keybind
  6. Pendant of Electricity now reduces spell damage taken by 30% instead of 66%.
  7. Element of Power Stat Bonus reduced ~40%
  8. Corrupted Mother Nature's Heart Damage reduced 33%, regular heart reduced 20%.
  9. Essence of Purity Life Bonus reduced 47%
  10. Thor's Hammer Damage reduced 25%, special damage ability also by 25% and hit chance reduced by 4%.
  11. Sword of Ice's slow duration reduced 50%.