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Life of a Peasant Ascension

Life of a Peasant Ascension

Project Admin: Daethz

Assistants: Ikillforeyou, GoldenChimera

This LoaP was created as a Hybrid form of LoaP, it contains many of the old LoaP Jobs, rebalanced and put in with many New Jobs, You can Build a gang from any one of the Three malls. Get troops, make allies, enemy's...what ever you want! But most of all have fun. Remember when roleplaying cops don't usually do drugs, etc. There is a trade center, and gambling, also a richman's club! for those who have money to spend, they aren't as good as arena items and boss items.

LoaP Ascension: Downloads
LoaP Ascension v6.1: Released! 10/20/2018
  1. King Tut's staff now has a 2 Minute Cooldown and is limited in range, also now costs mana and has a small cast time.
  2. Movement Speed boosts given from all items reduced around 50%.
  3. (Bug Fix) Carnival Chickens do not reward gold for non-hero kills or units without a chicken shooter anymore.
  4. Morgue Income reduced 20%
  5. (Bug Fix) Crypt Keeper Ghosts will respawn once again if they are killed by a player without the job.
  6. Crypt Keeper now only gets half as much gold per kill if the ghost is killed by a non-hero unit.
  7. Cartel can no longer pick up Thief as a second job.
  8. "-fix" command added to assist players in resolving a rare selection bug, player 1 (red) can also initiate a much more powerful "-debug" command.
  9. All Dealership Land Vehicles have been tuned up and now drive faster than before.
  10. A few more ability's throughout the game now have well defined keybinds and button placement.
  11. All players now start the game with 5 food, just enough so you can buy a vehicle, hire a couple of early game units.
  12. Faction Control Points now give +15 gold to auto-income, Police Auto-Income Reduced by 5 gold.
  13. (Bug Fix) When Quitting Police/Mafia/Cartel while controlling Faction Control Points it will now reset your Auto-Income correctly.
  14. (Bug Fix) Cartel now loses control of faction control points when quitting the job.
  15. Control Points now give +6 Auto-Income, a 20% Increase, sensor array ability added that detects nearby invisible units.
  16. Police, Mafia and Cartel jobs are now alerted to the location and purpose of Faction Control Points shortly after taking their jobs.
  17. Power of the Flames item no longer has a blink, provides a major movement speed increase instead.
  18. All remaining Cartel buildings still using the name "druggy" fixed.
  19. (Bug Fix) Bank Door Controller now closes the vault as intended instead of the right bank building door.
  20. (Major Redesign) Bank/Vault Robbing Redesigned, all 3 "vaults" now have turrets, turrets now do 5% health per hit down from 10%, turrets attack on unauthorized entry of the vault, vaults now automatically seal their doors after being robbed for 1 minute and can not be re-robbed during that time, and continues to alert the vaults owner, and the police to the robbery, automatic teleportations out of the vaults removed, and the turrets have been upgraded with suppression nanites that violently try to restrict the hero, damaging him over time.
  21. New Alert added to Bank/Casino and Governor jobs that alerts them when the vault doors have been destroyed.
  22. New In-game hint added directing the player with the correct Hero and Item combination to Ascending when they are near the Altar of Ascension.
  23. (New Feature) Gold Stocks can now have market surges or market falls, market surges are doubly as likely as market falls are, this happens every 5 minutes in the game.
  24. Drug "Stocks" renamed to "Shipments"
  25. Every 5 Minutes of the game the base Experience Gain percentage of all Heroes is increased by 10%, up to 20 times for a total of 200% increased XP Gain, this is in addition to other forms of XP increases such as Scientists game-wide increase and the increase already experienced after the first 5 minutes of the game.
Life of a Peasant Ascension: Released! 10/11/2018
1: Game has been renamed Life of a Peasant Ascension, and is now a 23 Player Game!
2: Completely rebalanced and equalized all starting heroes, many starting heroes changed, animations improved a little, changes to per-level increases.
3: Camera greatly improved to not "reset" to normal Wc3 settings every time you scroll, will maintain the height you set it at.
4: New Red command to disable the new camera fix if its causing lag (it runs a lot), however with modern computers it shouldn't.
5: Another New Red console command to attempt to debug the players mouse and selecting ability "-debug", to hopefully help fix an extremely rare glitch.
6: Tons of spelling spanning the entire game improved, many descriptions have been changed and added colors to some things to make text more exciting.
7: Area around the PvE Arena has been "Improved", new mechanic added to forcefully remove heroes and units if they try to glitch their way into the arena zone.
8: Removed two ugly bridges, replaced them with "land bridges", the northwest bridge once again has "waygates" allowing for boats to cross.
9: A few roads are now wider, far more city street lighting added and more well-cut trees.
10: Players can now change their Player Color with the -color Command. However, only if no other players in the game already have that color.
11: (Bugfix) Respawned Police Jail Cars are once again bound to the police job, will transfer ownership when new players take the job.
12: All Spellshop spells now refund gold and notify you if you don't meet their requirements when purchased, and some descriptions fixed.
13: Minor rebalances to most spellshop spells, some changed icons, spelling fixes.
14: Random Events now start 10 minutes after the game starts, not 5, but they continue to happen every 5 minutes.
15: Mall Cops added to the north and west malls, Mall Cops now respond to player clicks when your hero is in range(1000 yards).
16: Golden Scratchoff ticket chance reduced from 25% to 23% chance of winning.
17: You can now see a players original name using the command "-names color" also works with "-names player #".
18: Major Optimization in the world editor especially with player commands, may improve game performance some.
19: Various adjustments in job incomes and minor reductions in auto-incomes across the game, because players should be rewarded more for actually doing things, as apposed to just standing there collecting free money.
20: (Bugfix) Players employed by the Mafia can no longer get Theif job as a part-time job due to buisness and other conflicts.
21: (Bugfix) Council Members* now reset their mana and approval rating to 0 when the Mayor* successfully steals money.
22: All Air Units have been shrunk down, multiple units renamed, new model added for select units, some projectiles fixed.
23: Airforce Job building improved, isn't so blank and dead like it was, airforce also starts with one actual air attack unit now, and aircraft spawn and attack, flying towards the airforces base every 3 minutes, Airforce Stinger unit added, strong anti building and air attack.
24: Minor Visual improvements to the marine and navy bases.
25: Gang Defense Towers rebalanced, projectiles fixed, descriptions improved.
26: Samurai Research and Building Costs increased slightly along with build times, gold mine and slave hut now have larger building radiuses.
27: When players heroes are thrown in jail they will be alerted, also Bail box now spawns after 2 minutes instead of 3 minutes.
28: (Bugfix) Cruise ship patrol has been mostly repaired, collision removed as ground mobs could pin it in, penaltys and benefits for its death reduced slightly.
29: Tax System improved, Governor and President jobs now receive half of the tax pool each collected from all players, instead of a set generic amount, and players are now alerted exactly how much their tax bill is each tax cycle.
30: Cartel added to the Faction Control Points, there are now 3 (Police, Mafia, Cartel) for bonus job related auto-income, also an 8th regular Control Point added, however, control points now give less auto-income as part of the income rebalancing.
31: Doctor job now has a small auto-income, germs spawn 25% slower, have a 30% evasion, income rates adjusted, also a new Pharmacist that sells powerful healing and revival items, doctor receives a 50% cut from the profits.
32: New Icons for both Money and Drug Material, description text for them now have color.
33: New Ultimate Secret Hero, the Ascended, he focuses on mobility, wide scale destruction, intense overwhelming power, is based on the Gods from older versions of LoaP Power Ultimate, and comes with a builder that can build him an Ascended army, all based on the old gods but modernized, polished and slightly redesigned, will be the hardest "secret hero" to obtain in the game, a absolute end-game hero.
34: Fire, Shadow Archer and Master of Elements transform areas are now marked by monuments that inform you of the requirements to obtain those heroes, also to prevent you from walking over their spots with the correct items and transforming unintendedly.
35: Destructo-Bot, Demon Lord and Lord of Shadow can all now be respawned after the Lord of Shadow is killed for the first time using new summoning stones.
36: Demon Lord and Lord of Shadow fights no longer reward several super strong items, and instead now only reward one of those items.
37: Gym Stat Buff items are even more expensive, and less in stock, too many jobs rely on the sale of stat boosters for the gym to have reasonable pricing.
38: (Huge Bug Fix) Bosses cant be stuck in ability cast loops anymore.
39: Governor job has been renamed, is now the "Mayor Job" and the President job is now the "Governor Job".
40: (Major Update) Entire Map Expanded south slightly, new city bordering forest area, shipping docks, city airport added, taxi to the airport added.
41: New city power plant added to the bottom right corner of the map, old power plant removed, retaken by nature and road construction.
42: The city's off shore prison has mysteriously floated further out into the sea.
43: The city has built a brand new DMV near the Airport, the old DMV was purchased by a vehicle retailer.
44: Almost All Hero Ability's in the game have had their keybindings redone, the keybind is posted in front of each ability's name, some ability text has been recolored too, this includes spellshop ability?s, I tried my best to give them all unique keybinds.
45: Taxi's now take 6 seconds to drive you to your requested location, you lose control of your hero for that time, a preemptive debug command has been added to cure any potential issues with this new improvement.
46: After you get thrown in Jail you will now have a item available exactly 6 minutes later in the bail box allowing you to leave jail without cost, or you can continue to give up gold or items, or talk to the player who holds the police job, or break yourself out the old fashion way.
47: Marines now get Promotions much faster, Navy and Airforce Commanders are also now capable of receiving their own promotions.
48: (Major Update) All Player Door Commands Removed, Replaced with "Computer" Terminals to Open and Close Doors, additionally added terminals to the Scientist, Warehouse and Mayor Jobs, Clubs and the Ocean Homes.
49: Added Female Civilians to the game, they wander around, respond to clicks and respawn if killed like the male civilians do.
50: McDonalds Job renamed to "BurgerHut", Greatly reduced the negative effects of all food created at the BurgerHut* Job, and Increased the Gold Value of all related items too. And a simplistic secondary way to make some extra cash added to the job.
51: Airforce Player Commands removed and replaced with Ability?s located in the Airforce Headquarters (Now named the Airforce Radar Array).
52: -drunky command removed from the game, ability to find the drunky added to the Bar Headquarters which has been renamed the Bar Office.
53: Mailman player command removed, mailbox finder ability added to a new mailbox in the post office for each job, far distance mailboxes added to player ocean homes, mailboxes by the spellshops removed and nearby mailbox type added.
54: -garbage player command removed, the garbage trucks now have a GPS ability to locate(ping) the trash pickups.
55: The Mercenary Vendors above the PvP Arena have been moved to the Black Market in the North, their old building has been refurnished into a new purchasable player home.
56: Dark Mage Player Hero now has his visual arua ability hidden freeing up that ability slot.
??: Countless other random changes, rebalancing and internal code improvements and restructuring.
LoaP Power Ultimate 50K: Released 7/8/2014

  1. <New Feature!> Taxes are now percentage based and set at 10%, you are taxed every 12 minutes, President and Governor will still get the same amount of income off this system, and will still be taxed.
  2. <New Feature!> When using the -name feature it will now add your name behind your new name in parenthesis.
  3. Mother Nature fight mechanics redone.
  4. Cave entrances have been converted to normal entrances instead of teleporters.
  5. Tree of Elements moved to a more lore-centric location.
  6. <Major Change!> Guns buyable from the mall are all now Spell-Casting Items instead of "Statsticks".
  7. Ammo Clips added to the game, they will refill the Ammo of any guns you have when used.
  8. Ammo Clips can be stacked up to 20 with the new stacking system.
  9. Villagers will now only respond to your clicks if your main hero is near them.
  10. Town Owned Police will now respond to your clicks when you are in range.
  11. Cruise Ships Health and Armor Increased.
  12. The Central Park has had some excess trees removed.
  13. The Postoffice has been moved and a new Mayoral Park area has been constructed.
  14. The House acrost the street from the Firehouse has been converted into the cities new Postoffice.
  15. <New Content!> New Cartel Job Upgrade allowing the druggy to start producing and selling much more potent products.
  16. <New Content!> New Event Boss added, he should be killable by lower-level heros.
  17. Each Random Event now has a unique sound opener.

LoaP Power Ultimate 50J: Released 11/13/13

  • <MAJOR BUGFIX> Saved Games will no longer instantly corrupt themselfs.
  • Optimizations and some Improved Organization in the main game triggers.
  • Removal of Several Unused Variables
  • The Second Firetruck will now start the game invunrible.
  • New Super Expensive Super Effective Drug added to Druggy Job's Warehouses.
  • Slight Buffs to the Cruise Ships Health and Armor.
  • The Krakens Health and Armor Slightly Reduced.
  • Female Club Members added to Richmans Club
  • Citizens at the Beach and Club will now respond to your clicks.
  • New Partially Scripted Ultimate Secret Hero has been added, he will be insanely difficult to get.
  • Other Small Changes and Improvements.



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