Warcraft 3 Custom Mapping



Q: How Do i use Epicwar?

A: Download a file, open C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download, then place it in there.

Q: Where can i get a Auto-Refresh and or Custom Models, Icons or Skins?

A: The Hive Workshop

Q: How do i get Secret Heros on LoaP Power Ultimate?

A: Look at the Hints in Forum\LPU\Chat\Secret Hero Guides.

Q: Why is your website sometimes so Slow?

A: It is Free.

Q: What is SchisM Gaming?

A: Another Wc3 Gaming Community just like Redlinco.

Q: Why is the Production of Certain Maps So slow?

A: Because i am working on many things at one time, and i am busy in real life.

Q: Can i Host?

A: Host a Popular game refresh it, and if none joins within 10 minutes, deffinatly not..

Q: Is LoaP Power Ultimate 50 going to the last version ever?

A: The last Addition patch yes, patches after this one will most likely be only for bugs and possible exploit fixes and possibly some optimization, there will also be a secondary Loap made, it will be the same as LoaP Power Ultimate 50 but it wont have modes or gods at all.


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