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(2/16/2019) LoaP Ascension 6.2.5 has been released, there have been 5 small "hotfixes" since 6.2, mainly improving performance and fixing bugs and exploits.

(Old) LoaP Ascension Patch 6.2 and 6.2L (Legacy 11 Player Edition) Released on 1/21/2019. I still come to this website now and then but am growing tired updating it each patch of the LoaP, it's far easier to just update the hive workshop page so expect more up-to-date information on that page. I just updated the websites theme to a more modern one that's supported by the modern builder, this is a free website after all. If Warcraft 3 Reforged catches on strong I might ramp up my map production, maybe even start other maps and maybe even build a new website.

(Ancient) Another patch for LoaP Ascension released (v6.1), some unexpected bug fixes, stock system actually acts.. a little more like real life now with a new system, enjoy.

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