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(New) Hi guys, long time since iv even been on this website, I have just released another version of the game, namely 50K, a few new features and improvements to the game, this game has reached what i consider the ending point, a long time ago back when I started the "Ultimate" series I told myself I would end at v50, well, its been multiple versions after that already, and the glory days of wc3 are far behind us. I hope this game lives on and is remembered, New content additions will likely end, however if you find bugs or exploits, please post them and I may yet fix them. Have fun!

(Old) Hey Everyone!!!, So yeah, I finally hunted down and fixed the saving issue with LoaP Power Ultimate, took awhile, but you can save again!, The first version of the new secret hero has also been added, so yeah. The new version has been released! LoaP Power Ultimate (v50J), I have hopefully cleared up some confusion and some issues a few people have been experiencing, I am EXTREMELY busy in college at the moment with real coding so getting around to my wc3 map is not really near the top of my agenda, anyways, enjoy.

LoaP Power Ultimate 50K Released! (7/8/2014) - Have Fun!

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