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Latest News: Updated October 20th 2018

(NEW) Another patch for LoaP Ascension released (v6.1), some unexpected bug fixes, stock system actually acts.. a little more like real life now with a new system, enjoy.

(Newish) Hey Guys, its been quite a long time, I have been working on a new version of LoaP Power Ultimate in my spare time, I renamed the entire game to Life of a Peasant: Ascension, it is now released, it is quite likely the largest single patch I have ever crafted for this LoaP, and it is now a 23 Player Game!

(OLD) Hi guys, long time since iv even been on this website, I have just released another version of the game, namely 50K, a few new features and improvements to the game, this game has reached what i consider the ending point, a long time ago back when I started the "Ultimate" series I told myself I would end at v50, well, its been multiple versions after that already, and the glory days of wc3 are far behind us. I hope this game lives on and is remembered, New content additions will likely end, however if you find bugs or exploits, please post them and I may yet fix them. Have fun!

Life of a Peasant Ascension v6.1 Released! (10/20/2018) - Have Fun!

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